30 days has September..



Autumn. I love this season. It’s the oasis of normality after the summer holidays, the calm before the storm that is Christmas – my favourite time of the year. As much as I loved spending time with my baby bear’s this summer…

An Interview with The Dude.

I’ve recently recalled reading a great article last year in the Metro on my way to Cambridge. It was an interview with the Oscar winning actor Jeff Bridges and some of the things he said have stayed with me even now so I thought I would share them here. Now allow me to be upfront in my bias; I have a huge thing for Jeff Bridges. He’s a world class actor and has been in so many classic films, yet somehow manges to come across even cooler than any of his past characters. I wish he would just be my best friend already. Now I’ve been super picky and just picked the parts that appealed to me most but you can read the whole interview here – http://metro.co.uk/2013/09/20/jeff-bridges-i-try-not-to-make-movies-i-know-the-effort-it-entails-4055844/

tumblr_inline_mthwatxjUO1r5z63tMetro: You’re a photographer, a writer, a musician and an actor. Which do you like best?

Jeff: I approach them all in the same way; they all relate to each other. I’ll study my script and then I’ll find myself with my guitar in my hand, writing songs. I used to get so angry with myself, saying: ‘No! You’ve got to be studying,’ but I find that they inform each other. That song, which I can put in a movie, will help my acting and my drawing. Art is a passion. When you’re creating art you are not even aware that it’s coming through you. You get swept up in the moment. It’s amazing.

Metro: So did you always want to be an actor? 

Jeff: Like most kids, I didn’t want to do what my dad did. You don’t want to be a product of nepotism – which I surely am. But I love it. I am glad I took my dad’s advice. I’m good at working with other people, and one of the great things about making movies is that it’s a communal art form. There are so many opinions, there’s no real, definite way of doing things. Even if you’re doing something alone, like writing a song, be open to the universe and don’t be so adamant about your opinions or feelings.

Metro: Were your parents very inspiring?

Jeff: They were. My dad was wonderful. I really sensed the joy he had in his soul and that joy was contagious. I dream about them. Whenever I mention my parents, I feel them soaring in the space around me. I feel like we’re in a relay race and my dad passed the baton to me. I’m carrying on his spirit, his vibe, and his impulses.

Metro: It sounds like you are genuinely happy.

Jeff: I do my best. I read Taking The Leap: Freeing Ourselves From Old Habits And Fears by Pema Chödrön, a Tibetan Buddhist. Her book is about what’s called shenpa and lojong, which teaches you to lean into things that are troublesome in life, rather than trying to suppress them or get attached to them. One of the keys to the lojong practice is: ‘Always maintain a joyful mind.’ That’s something I try to do. I’m enjoying life; I’m happy.

What a lovely man! I’ll be ready to clear my schedule for a coffee whenever his agent gets round to calling. 

My Two Cents

It’s really saddening to hear such hateful comments coming out of this Michael Brown situation in Ferguson. Language is being used to deliberately create separation; over the last week, the terms ‘them’ and ‘us’ has gone from referring to those in positions of authority and those under that authority to the simplification of one’s race. It’s really not that simple and all the people trying to justify a police officer killing someone in the street – in cold blood – need to take several seats.

Critics are quick to point out all Brown’s flaws and highlight the officer’s credentials. This isn’t what’s important and deflects from what is wrong at the core of race relations in America and around the world. Individuals claiming that protesters are playing the ‘black card’ sound so ignorant. The whole issue is the way he died and the way it’s being handled. I don’t care if Michael Brown stole some soda or had an attitude with the cop before his death or whatever, that’s NOT the way justice is supposed to be served. And that’s what people should be angry about. 

Quote, Unquote.

“You grow up when you decide to do what’s right. And not what’s right for you – what’s right for everybody. Even when it hurts.” 

– Lars and the Real Girl

Get to know me.

First things first I’m the realest.

Hope you enjoyed that Iggy Azalea reference. So hey, I’m Maz, a little lady in her twenties living in London. Here are some things you definitely don’t know or even care to know about me, but I feel compelled to share with you anyway;  I’m a somewhat snarky Aquarius who can’t swim, own over 250 books (some girls collect shoes, I collect books) and a guitar I don’t play named ‘Hank’ who I refuse to throw away. I’ve just learnt how to play chess, love watching American television programs and stopped listening to local radio station in 2011 because all the cool music I ever need to hear is within easy reach on my phone, obviously. I’m both a big and little sister and am obsessed with notebooks. Seriously, it’s a problem. I’m currently training to be a teacher after finishing my degree in English Literature this year (hence the book obsession) and although I’ve planned several trips around the world from the comfort of my bedroom, as of yet, I haven’t been on a plane. 

Oh, and this here is my face;

1604836_10151993607365598_6257429343947371391_nYep, that drop-dead-gorgeous beauty is me. I was having a particularly good eyebrow day. 

Despite my breathtakingly youthful looks, I can confirm that I am the mother of two crazy amazing boys (well at least that’s what the birth certificate’s say..) and I may mention them in this blog every now and then. For legal purposes, I won’t be naming them (I don’t have their expressed or written permission) or showing them publicly online. Instead, I’ll refer to them as A.Bear and K.Bear. They are heading towards years of embarrassment from me and their Papa Bear anyway so there’s really no need for it to start when they’re at such a young age. There’s time. What else do you need to know..hmm. At some point in the near future I’m going to complete one of those ‘Get to Know Me’ questionnaires and post all of my very detailed answers in a post just for sh*ts and giggles. Oh and that’s another thing, I’ll be monitoring may language on here as I don’t want any of my future students to call me a hypocrite if they are ever bored or brave enough to find this blog. I’ve got a potty mouth, always have but I encourage people to be respectful and considerate to others online so it’s only fair I do the same. I won’t be writing anything that I wouldn’t want my gran to see. Ja feel?

I should probably have a mission statement or something here too, just so I can keep the aim of this blog focused. Well, I guess I hope that this new blog will act as a time capsule, a virtual glimpse of my life at this point now – things I love, loathe and admire. Songs I’ve listened to, books I’ve read, places I’ve been; the things I experienced and never want to forget. A place for me to rant, rave and review. My collection of awesome found on the inter-web that I just had to share. Hopefully, if it’s still running, one day, I can look back at it as a sort of online diary and my little bears can get to know their mama bear in ways I never got to know my own.

Let’s see how it goes.

The End of the Affair.

I have a confession to make: this isn’t my first blog.

Over the years, I have started and stopped more blogs than I can count and I’m done with it. Not with blogging, but with starting over. I’m giving up on giving up and vowing that this will be my very last attempt to commit to a blog. God knows it won’t be easy but I think with a little bit of effort, I will motivate myself enough over the coming months to make this work out. I’m gonna start with deleting my old blogs.

Saying goodbye to my past posts is the only way to find my way to my future ones. It will also take away the temptation for me to keep going on those old blogs late at night, spending money I don’t have on templates I don’t need.  Ugh, those new templates though… No. I have to stay focused. I have to have just the one now. Monogamy is underrated. I can walk away. I can start again. I can rename and remake myself.

So, here’s to me starting over for the last time and saying goodbye to my other alias blogs. There was Phoenix Wishes, But I’m Not French and then there was Maz. That’s me by the way.


Fingers crossed I don’t slip up.